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What makes us different is that we use a human approach with our clients. No financial jargon, no long-winded explanations - just simple, everyday terms that we all can understand.

In fact, at the end of each discovery call, we always ask our clients if they can repeat what we said!


We prepare you for retirement

Get 100% unbiased professional financial advice

Knowing you'll have a clear roadmap laid out for you

For you and your family's future

Conveying frustration

Do you struggle with:


With access to over 15 different insurers, our advisors at SOHON Financial will help you find the best solutions for your life, disability, and critical illness insurance needs.

All recommendations are made based on a needs analysis, using the information provided by our clients during the initial discovery call.

We encourage our clients to be pro-active in the decision-making process. Part of the process is being transparent, honest, and to provide feedback, in order for our advisors to find a solution for you.

Mortgage Broker Services

We offer in-house mortgage broker solutions, thanks to our president, Lin Sok, who is also a mortgage broker with Groupe hypothécaire Orbis.

We are available for your pre-approval, purchase, renewal, and commercial needs.

No two lenders are alike, and neither are clients. With access to over 22 different lenders, we are sure to find the right solution for you.

(Segregated Funds)

There is more to opening an RRSP and TFSA than simply making monthly contributions.

At SOHON we are focused on medium and long-term investment planning with our clients. Whether it is for your RRSP, TFSA, RESP, non-registered savings account, or any other investment you have, it is important to regularly review your investment plan, but also discuss the fiscal and long-term impact of your investment choices.


Gather Information

Whether via Zoom, a phone call, or in person, your advisor will meet with you for an initial discovery call. The goal of the discovery call is to gather information, find out your pain points and objectives, and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss your situation.

Analyze and plan

Your advisor will gather your information, analyze your situation using a needs analysis, and draft a plan with recommendations.

Follow up

Your advisor will present their recommendations to you, based on your goals and your situation.

After-service follow-ups are scheduled based on the client's needs and are minimum once per year.

We get it - managing your finances can get complicated.

Everyday that passes is another day you won't get back. Today is the day you can decide to start getting your finances in order.

As a woman, working with another woman financial advisor was essential and I'm happy I found Lin!

Jessica B.
Empowerment Coach

As a woman, working with another woman financial advisor was essential and I'm happy I found Lin!

Anne-Edma L.
Business & Tax Lawyer